Folder Lock




A secure filing cabinet for your most important docs


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Folder Lock is a practical tool providing a secure location to store any files that need extra safety. The documents you include in the program's directory get protected so that you're the only person who can protect them. If you want to view that folder, you have to set a password that the program will ask you for whenever it starts up.

There are three ways to limit access to your info: blocking, the fastest option that limits access to the whole directory; and the Scramble and Encrypt modes, which code the data at greater or lesser levels of security. In addition, the program offers a nice-looking interface that's sure to surprise you not just for its design but also its ease of use aimed at all user, regardless of their levels of IT knowledge.

The program can be used a total of 25 times. It can encrypt files up to a max size of 10 MB and scramble ones of up to 250 MB.

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